martes, 19 de octubre de 2010


+ Why did you let me go?
- I had her.
+ Why did you let her stay?
- She's extraordinary.
+ I was extraordinary...
- She is.
+ She can be extraordinary too, but don't take that quality from me. Don't you dare.
- You're not that extraordinary anymore.
+ Don't say I'm not. Say I'm not for you.
- Ok.
+ So why did you lie to me?
- I didn't lie. I really thought you were extraordinary...
+ What changed?
- I don't know.
+ It wasn't me, I'm still extraordinary.
- Maybe it was me.
+ And why do I love you if you're not the same?
- Because you don't want to see what I am now.
+ Yes, maybe...
- Try and look at me like I never told you that I loved you, like we never kissed, like we're just friends, as we used to be.
+ I can't.
- Why?
+ Because we were never friends. I always liked you, from the first time.
- What do we do then?
+ Maybe we just need to forget each other.
- Can you?
+ No, I don't think so.
- So..?
+ Love me.
- I love her.
+ You loved me.
- Not anymore.
+ I still love you.
- Try to erase your feelings.
+ You're asking too much.
- It's not easy, but it's not that hard.
+ How could you?
- I had her.
+ So I have to find someone better.
- Maybe.
+ And what if I find someone better and then you let her go and come back to me? What should I do?
- Then you tell me "fuck off" and keep being happy.
+ If I'm not happy?
- I don't know. Why don't you... just live?
+ I don't know how to do it.
- It's so easy. Just live, don't think about tomorrow or about yesterday. Think about today, seize the day.
+ That's... living the moment, right?
- Yes.
+ I want to kiss you now, should I kiss you and not even think about what comes next?
- Do it.
+ Would you hate me if I do?
- Maybe I'll love you more than I want to.

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