jueves, 29 de julio de 2010


Self Steem? If you don't love me, better off dead. Hit or miss, I'm not Ok, I promise. Complicated, sweetness. 21 guns, one machine gun, sometimes makes no difference.
We are broken, confusion and frustration in modern times, you're crashing but you're no wave. Too good to be, champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.
Here's no solution, a lonely september. Claire, everytime, all about her, all I want, turn it off, what I've done.
Hold on, I always get what I want. Walk away, the great scape, in the end... misery business. Cinderella story, dressed to kill, grow up, I choose figure it out, blood, sex and booze.
I've got you feeling sorry, when I come around everything's magic... that thing you do.
True love, love drunk, she's got a boyfriend now, here we go again. Dance, dance, know your enemy, start again, open your eyes, looking up, take it all away. Girls and boys, nobody's fool, story of a lonely guy, what I believe crush when it rains, no reason why, stop, predictable... Everything back but you.
I don't care, I slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me, things I'll never say, little things... Confession some say, staring at the sun, let's pretend pain for pleasure.
All the small things, sick little games, forget my name... Welcome to paradise, emo! Thunderbirds are go!
Break apart her heart, I'll never love again, I'm not the one, never wake up... that girl, this isn''t you, ten voyeur nice guys finish last, wasting time, forever waiting, falling for you... for me this is heaven, come back to me, psycho-girl.
Fallen leaves, never be the same, one day lost in stereo, first date, everytime I look for you... 7 minutes in heaven, where the lines overlap.
What if this is good bye? Let me take you there, running from lions, I can wait forever in this world. Your love is a lie, what happened to you? Such a mess, you don't mean anything. Losing grip, all messed up, this is how I disappear.
Can't turn away, when I'm with you I don't wanna stop. You and me, this disaster. Carry you, serious mistake. Words, hands, hearts... Damned if I do ya, damned if I don't. He wasn't dirty magic, it's not your fault. I can do better, born for this, so damn clever, we're all to blame. Who knows all we know? Call it in the air all the way. Break me down, why don't you get a job?
A Sunday lifeline, does my breath smell? This suffering, too much secrets, shadows and regrets. How does it feel? Welcome to my life, victims of love, lies gives you hell...
Welcome to the black parade... surrender.

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