viernes, 30 de julio de 2010

Mr. Nobody.

- There comes a time in life where everything seems narrow. Choices have been made. I can only continue on. I know myself like the back of my hand. I can predict my every reaction. My life has been cast in cement with airbags and seatbelts. I've done everything to reach this point and now that I'm here, I'm fucking bored. The hardest thing is knowing whether I'm still alive.

- You have to make the right choice. As long as you don't choose, everything remains possible.

- Raise your hand and say 'I swear'. Promise me that when I die, you'll scatter my ashes on Mars.

Anna: I want you.
Nemo: I want you too.
Anna: Forever.
Nemo: Forever. There is no life without you.


Anna: You're the first and last person I'll ever love.
Nemo: Ten days... That makes 14,400 minutes... I wish time would stop right now, that it would stay this way forever.
Anna: They say if you slow your breathing, time slows down. The Hindus says so.


Nemo: There's no life without you.
Anna: Go slowly. I have to get used to it. I talked to you so much when you weren't there, it's strange for me to talk to you for real.


Nemo: I often have this dream. In prehistoric times, I can hear you screaming. I chase the bear and you're not afraid anymore, but when I wake up, there's no bear... but you're still afraid. I'm not a bear hunter. I'm an executive at a plant that manifactures photocopying machines that just quit his job. I don't dare move, not live, whatever I do is a disaster. I would set out to chase the bear away and for you to not be afraid anymore.


- Each of these lives is the right one! Every path is the right path. Everything could have been everything else and it will have just as much meaning.

- Before he was unable to make a choice because he didn't know what would happen. Now that he knows what will happen, he is unable to make a choice.

- In chess, it's called Zugzwang... when the only viable move is not to move.

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  1. No tengo sueño, así que leí la entrada del chicle. Mola, es cierto xD Si no fuera q mascar chicle me da dolor de mandibula me interesaría y todo xDD
    Esta otra entrada no tengo nada que decir, n vi la peli, aunq tiene buena pinta y la vere.

  2. una de las mejore peliculas del año... a mi parecer claro...
    te pone a pensar en muchas cosas...que por lo general todos piensan en algun momento, en la juventud mas que todo, y no por grandes desiciones tomadas sino pór aquellas pequeñas que de algun modo podian darte un final feliz que es el que todos esperan pero nadie piensa en el final alterno, el desenlace que tambien podria pasar...
    una buena pelicula... tanto asi que se ha sumado a mi lista de favoritos
    al nivel de otras como recquiem for a dream (con el prpio leto) o donnie darko...
    te transmiten sentimientos muy reales al igual que Leon the professional, en lo particular... si conocen alguna nueva peli a este nivel seria bueno que la recomendaran ^^
    francisco (