miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2009

I can be your friend.

I know it's not much and I know it's all stolen. It's all stolen and hospitaly and stolen. You can turn me in if you want to you can report me for stealing. Coz obviously now I'm a thief. I've never even shoplifted a piece of gum before and now I'm a thief. Except I'm not.. I'm a nester, I'm nesting. This is me nesting, for you. Because you hate it here, you wan to be at that big house with Meredith and Izzie were things are warm and you have your friends and there aren't any roaches, but this can be warm. And I put out traps for the roaches. And I.. I can be your friend. Well I.. I can be your friend.. I don't have any friends here, not really.. except you. And I don't have a home to go to anymore, except here. I just I.. I can be your friend.

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